Welcome to this page, where we’d like to take you through the various conferences we have held in this project. Through the use of videos and articles, we aim to reflect with you on the engaging gatherings. These meetings have provided us with a valuable opportunity to establish connections, grasp the essence of our project, and gain clarity on the subsequent steps. But that’s not all. During these conferences, we also explore and discuss the diverse insights and methodologies that we have discovered and developed throughout this remarkable period.


From October 2021 6th to 8th, an intriguing kick-off conference took place in Belgium, organized by Expert Plus and Blenders. This conference offered a range of engaging activities for participants. On the first day, held in Tilburg, partners came together to discuss project updates, process approaches, an inspiring mind-mapping workshop, and the exchange of experiences among different countries.

On October 7th, the conference moved to Belgium, where a wealth of data, inspiring insights, and practical examples were presented. Furthermore, prominent organizations such as VDAB, Voka, and several concrete practice cases for employees and job seekers contributed to the event. After lunch, partners delved into the “Theory of Change,” available on the project website under “Project Outputs.”

October 8th featured a program on “MentorPlus” by WEB vzw, followed by an afternoon activity to conclude the conference in an interactive and inspiring manner. This event not only offered valuable information but was also highly engaging, providing participants with an opportunity to gain profound insights and valuable knowledge.


On September 29, 2022, the second conference was held in Vienna, attended by various representatives from ASEP and other companies. The conference aimed to explore the different trajectories and programs that focus on developing skills and knowledge needed for older individuals to function in today’s work environment.

The conference began with Arnoud from Expertplus providing a clear understanding of KEOB and TCOYC programs. These programs aim to develop the skills and knowledge of older individuals in today’s work environment. They explained the current trajectories and how they relate to the 21st century skills. Susanne from ASEP shared an example of how an upper secondary school in Vienna is already implementing this program.

During lunch, attendees discussed the importance of digital skills. Andries from Blenders explained the significance of being digitally strong and Sona from Slovakia continued with the idea that learning is not a matter of age. Attendees then participated in a Lego Serious Play session, where they visualized their ideal work environment.

At the end of the day, the conference reiterated the most important aspects of the day. It was an inspiring conference that covered different perspectives and emphasized the development of skills and knowledge needed as an older employee in today’s work environment. Overall, the conference provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the importance of lifelong learning and development in the modern workplace.


On June 19, 2023, the final conference of  Keeping Employees on Board took place at the Devin Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia. The event provided a platform for experts, professionals, and organizations to discuss the challenges and solutions related to retaining and upgrading employees in a rapidly changing labor market.

The conference began with a welcome speech and project introduction by Sona from Topcoach in Slovakia. Tanja, as the first speaker, introduced the KEOB project and emphasized the need to keep employees working for longer due to changes in the labor market and technological developments. The main goal of KEOB is to develop tools and methodologies to transition employees from the work environment to a learning environment, enabling them to be reskilled and meet the demands of 21st-century skills.

The Belgian partner, Blenders, presented their approach, using the buddy method between colleagues to retain and support older employees in a rapidly changing work environment. Expert Plus, the Dutch partner, shared their hypothesis and research results on successful aging in the workplace, focusing on the Dutch police force. They organized an interactive workshop where older police officers shaped their future using LEGO blocks to find meaning during the final years of their careers.

The students from Expert Plus presented their literature research on self-management, peer-to-peer learning, and working after retirement, emphasizing the importance of setting goals, planning tasks, and taking responsibility for a good work-life balance. Veronika from Slovakia led a workshop on peer-to-peer learning, where participants discussed social learning theory, peer learning, innovation theory, and generational needs. They had the opportunity to apply the Jigsaw method, sharing their expertise on various work formats with each other.

Rosa from Expert Plus and Tanja from Blenders conducted an interactive workshop on Job Crafting, allowing participants to redesign their roles to better align with their personal preferences for greater satisfaction and engagement. After the workshops, during the reception, participants had the chance to network with various partners and delve deeper into the discussed topics.

The KEOB conference provided a valuable platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices to retain and develop employees in a rapidly evolving labor market. The importance of continuous education, peer-to-peer learning, and job crafting was emphasized, and KEOB aims to provide sustainable solutions to equip employees with the skills necessary for the 21st century and support them during different stages of their careers.

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