On September 29, 2022, the first real conference was held in Vienna, attended by various representatives from ASEP and other companies. The conference aimed to explore the different trajectories and programs that focus on developing skills and knowledge needed for older individuals to function in today's work environment.
The conference began with Arnoud from Expertplus providing a clear understanding of KEOB and TCOYC programs. These programs aim to develop the skills and knowledge of older individuals in today's work environment. They explained the current trajectories and how they relate to the 21st century skills. Susanne from ASEP shared an example of how an upper secondary school in Vienna is already implementing this program.
After a short break, the attendees discussed various trajectories. One such program was "Tele Haase," a successful intergenerational exchange program. Brigitte from ASEP elaborated on the program's success. Another program discussed was "Die Zweite Bank," an initiative focused on sustainability and social engagement. The conference also discussed how the Dutch police work on successful aging.
During lunch, attendees discussed the importance of digital skills. Andries from Blenders explained the significance of being digitally strong and Sona from Slovakia continued with the idea that learning is not a matter of age. Attendees then participated in a Lego Serious Play session, where they visualized their ideal work environment.
At the end of the day, the conference reiterated the most important aspects of the day. It was an inspiring conference that covered different perspectives and emphasized the development of skills and knowledge needed as an older employee in today's work environment. Overall, the conference provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the importance of lifelong learning and development in the modern workplace.

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