We facilitate the transition from the work environment into a learning environment

Does your team consist out of both younger and older colleages? Do they participate equally in learning opportunities? Does each team member contribute to the organization via her / his unique talents and skills? Are team members both learners and teachers at the same time? What is your take on jobcrafting and job design?  Our aim is not to introduce new skills into the workplace. We explore and unlock the 21st century skills that are already present.


The project team is a cohesive consortium, composed of 5 participating organisations with a very similar profile: 4 NGOs, working and training with adults or young people, offering courses linked to social innovation. The 5th partner is a private company owned by the Open University offering a.o. specific courses on successful ageing.

Fun fact on the choice of the group: they are all on one line (an equator) within Europe.

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