Project Outputs

project outputs

Competence Web

What are 21st century skills? How can you know whether you are strong in one category and maybe need some reinforcement in another one? We provide a basic self-evaluation tool in the form of a competence web. Participants can draw their level of skills before starting any training, and make the second drawing after completing the training. This gives a basic insight in any progress. Another use for this competence web: let all employees fill one in and have it as a base for any evaluation interview / as an inventory of skills before planning any formations. Please feel free to use the competence web in your own work / environment. Let us know if it was helpful, how you used it, how we can make it better.

Trainer and Learner personas

Personas help us to design training trajectories with our target group and their needs in mind.
This first set of personas of a trainer and a learner, is the output of the Intensive Course on Adult Learning and Training that Topcoach provided. As the project unfolds, more personas might be created.

Wheel of training

The Weel of Training is a tool created by Topcoach. It serves as a tool that helps trainers and educators to self-evaluates their strengths and needs. In the project we can use it before and after initiating the training trajectories, to self-evaluate our progress as trainers.

Train the Trainer: workplace culture

Train the trainer : digital literacy

Intensive course: the employers' side of the story

Intensive Course : Efficiency in Adult Training and Learning

Intensive Course : Vital Craftsmanship and Mental Retirement

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